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Jaanan lankapaja

Jaana founded Lankapaja in the spring of 2017 because she wanted to realize her dream of dealing with yarns and share that joy with others.

In that time there were lot of discussion on social media about, where to get good quality finnish woolyarns.

They wanted to buy from local producers and wondered where all that domestic wool really disappears when there is so little available.

After some research some wool farms were found and still there is co-operation with these farms and you can buy wool yarns straight from these farms from the Jaana’s Lankapaja.

The domestic yarn, which has received a lot of buoyancy, now also rises from pots of the hand-dyers with the most beautiful colors! And now all the spinning mills in Finland are spinning the yarns as fast as they can. For the love of Finnish wool.

Yarn of the day

The yarn of the day is an authentic, completely undyed rarer color of Finnish sheep. 15% nylon has been added to the yarn, so it can also be used as a sock yarn.

The color of the wool revealed from your box today is usually very limited. Because of this, the Hupulaanen sock yarn in your hands is currently not available in my online store. This batch of the yarn specially commissioned for the Yarn Christmas Calendar.

And if you haven’t done anything with the yarn from the 4th box , these are the same yarn and you can connect them together.

Jaanan Lankapaja, tumma minivyyhti

And the journey continues...

Jaana’s own product line Lakian Lairalta has brought her close to the whole production process of how wool turns into yarn.

She sorts the wools for the yarns of Lakian Lairalta herself, being on the farm on the day of collection, transporting them to the spinning mill, designing the strengths and compositions and waiting for the finished yarn just like others. Up to 8 months.

Today’s “secret box” reveals the 6. part of a beautiful, crocheted quilt, the Magic of Christmas. If you only want to get the pattern for this crocheted quilt, you can order it here:

Anceliga Design’s Magic of Christmas blanket CAL


If you have purchased or received the physical Yarn advent calendar, you will find a CODE (password) at the bottom of the box number one. Use the code to log in and open the “secret” section of our Yarn advent calendar. So, after opening the first box do also look at the bottom of the first box of your calendar and log in to see so much more!

Username: Christmas

Password: In physical calendar’s box number 1 

If the code is missing from the box, please contact the seller or send e-mail for us info@yarnadventcalendar.com


Tikkataulu – a black and white Dart Board – a Pan Coaster

A bonus pattern for the Yarn Advent Calendar customers. This hilarious pan Coaster pattern is not available elsewhere. Finnish people loves to throw a special darts at the summer cottages – to black and white dart boards, which are similar than this pan coaster. Even if we are now in the middle of winter, dreams Finns always about warm summer when the sun hardly sets down at all…

This video is only in Finnish.