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Dyeing with natural colors

People started to ask for coloured yarns, so I decided to learn how it is done. I managed to get almost rose gold-colored yarn with Rubia tinctoria! The dyeing has its own twists and turns, but when you reserve enough time, a large pot and a thermometer, the result can be exactly what you want.

Natural dyeing differs from conventional dyeing is that you most likely won’t get the exact same shade of the color at two different times of dyeing. The process is affected by air humidity, water, even small temperature differences. Nature must not be tamed! I really think it’s great that natural colors offer little surprises. Why should the clothes on the store be the same shade when the color is the same and the shade differences are often quite small? And if so, why should it be? This tolerance of small differences would provide a great opportunity to market products dyed in natural colors in completely different quantities. The yarns dyed in Helsinki and town called Lohja which is some 50 kilometers from Helsinki are a little different, depending on the city, even though the yarn and instructions are the same! Of course, the color is the same in the same batch.

Dyeing with Rubia tinctoria with Riikka and Ritu

Together with Puikelo’s entrepreneur Riikka Rängmann we went to get acquainted with natural dyeing with Sirinä-Design’s Ritu Kokkola. Riikka holds foraging, forest walks and various handicraft courses. Since natural dyeing was still lacking in Riikkas know-how, she joined Knokkon’s secret dyeing experiment and we visited Ritu’s Traditional Crafts course centre in Munkkiniemi, Helsinki. Ritu is a textile designer who imports, among other things, Nepalese nettle fabric and teaches many traditional handicrafts. Fortunately, Riikka and I learnt what natural dyeing is all about! Ritu taught us what fixatives are needed and how important it is to have enough time and monitor temperature. We stood by the boiler and threw different substances into the boiler as we were joining some extraordinary ritual! The finest moment was experienced when Knokkon nettle-hemp-cotton yarn hanks were lowered into the dye broth. The yarn remained upright, and the color immediately began to adhere well. The hanks were stirred from time to time and the temperature was further monitored. The yarn became evenly colored, and the dim shine of the nettle didn’t disappear!





Yarn, fabrics, and finished products

In addition to yarns, Knokkon’s online store also offers ethical and ecological fabrics and a few finished products, such as towels, scarves, and napkins made from the very breathing nettles, hemp, and organic cotton. I want to bring different products for the needs of both companies and consumers, as a business gifts or as a birthday gift for someone special. 


From 16.12, Knokkon dyed yarn hanks are also available at Knokkon store! In addition to a small bag, you can, for example, knit yarn with a knitting machine or crochet effect stripes by hand on your own products.

Napkin folding idea

Knokkon was about to be interviewed by a local magazine and I decided to fold the tablecloths to see if I could make them look more spectacular. The folding of the tablecloth turned out better than good, and I decided to publish the folding instructions in this video. I would think this fold already has a name and it has certainly been developed by someone else.

In any case, this fold fits the Knokkon nettle-cotton tablecloth well. Turn the video on and hear me say 16 instead of 18!

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To give you something special the Knokkon tablecloths will be off -20% with code NOKKOSALE.

The code is valid until 22.12.2020.


HALI by MonFre is off-white and measures are 40 cm * 168 cm.



Minna is the entrepreneur behind MonFre. She enjoys handicrafts, timeless fashion, and good design, MonFre’s two clothing stores in Finland Monalisa in city of Hyvinkää and Fredrika in city of Porvoo offer fantastic fashion and great fit for adult women. MonFre also has an online store at https://monfre.vilkas.shop/

What makes MonFre very special is their new design scarf called HALI by MonFre. This scarf is produced ethically and ecologically. The multi-purpose HALI by MonFre is like a warm hug. HALI by MonFre is made of Knokkon fabrics that contain nettle, hemp fibre and organic cotton. Nettle and hemp fibre are ecological and comfortable fibre while the nettle is the most breathable natural fibre and it has silky feeling and dim shine which makes HALI a very special scarf.


Today’s “secret box”

Aamunkajo – Sunrise – Crochet bag

Second part of this romantic bag CAL is now out! You’ll find the pattern also in Arteeni web store or Ravelry. Enjoy Crocheting!



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