Box 17

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Misanja:Yarn of the day

Today’s box features a yarn called “Christmas Red” by Misanja. Both the glittery and the normal reinforced yarn have been used as the base yarn, I hope you got a more pleasant one for you.

The colors in today’s skeins are very varied due to the dyeing method, but take a look below at how wonderful pattern Merja Ojanperä has designed using this yarn in embroidery. I love it!

Merja Ojanperä

Today, the tail star socks designed by Merja Ojanperä will see the light of day.

If you have purchased a physical Advent Yarn Calendar, you will find the first part of the pattern today by logging in to the “secret” section with your password.

If you would like to get a “DIY” kit, ie yarns and patterns, you can find them in the Misanja shop, here.

Pyrstötähti - Merja Ojanperä

Buttermilk cake

Thank You Sanna from #Knokkon!

Misanja store

Misanja does not have a so-called walk-in shop, but you can find us in our very own warehouse shop! or in the associated dyeing studio whose “opening ceremony’s’” this video was filmed. 🙂 Welcome to peek!

Ps. Sorry about the quality of the video.