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Anceliga Design

In the winter, when my home garden is taking a winter “hibernation”, I have to find other inspiration sources for my designs and yarn dyeing. I like to décor my home with flower bouquet, dried flowers and with other green plants. The lavender is one of my favorite dried flowers, and today the name of the yarn is Lavender. 

Visit my Ravelry store and use code “Lavender” to get -20% off my Ravelry store designs (valid until 27th of December) 

Yarn of the day

The Lavender yarn (superwash merino wool 75% and 25% nylon) has a high twist and 2 ply construction. Use this yarn for example to make a warm wool socks in everyday use. This soft yarn is an excellent choice for all kind of accessories and other knitting or crocheting patterns.

Laventeli, luukku 19
Anceliga Design, luukku 19 Laventeli

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If you have purchased or received the physical Yarn advent calendar, you will find a CODE (password) at the bottom of the box number one. Use the code to log in and open the “secret” section of our Yarn advent calendar. So, after opening the first box do also look at the bottom of the first box of your calendar and log in to see so much more!

Username: Christmas

Password: In physical calendar’s box number 1 

If the code is missing from the box, please contact the seller or send e-mail for us info@yarnadventcalendar.com

Today’s “secret box” reveals the first part of a beautiful, romantic bag. 

Aamunkajo – Sunrise – Crochet bag

Finally the last part of this bag pattern is here!! You’ll find the pattern also in Arteeni web store or Ravelry. Enjoy Crocheting!