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Another great day ahead of us! Today we could look for all the little left-over skeins and hanksand knit for all girls some colours scrunchies designed by Meri. Help can be found a little below. These are completed quickly but will certainly delight the one who receives them… and to be honest the scrunchies are always lost in the mornings!

Altair Design, hiusdonitsi


The Yarn advent calendar project has been a great experience. I’ve come to do this as a rather inexperienced and new entrepreneur with professional designers. Making this calendar in addition to work and school has brought a wide range of feelings. Everything from joy and success down to the darkest despair. I must say this autumn has been remarkably busy!

Welcome to read more (only in Finnish language)

Altair Design

Here is my gift for you today (sorry, this is only Finnish):

yarn of the day-uranus

In the summer, of course, you had to start designing your own colourto the yarn. I was immensely inspired by this pale blue giant planet,which is the seventh planet in the Solar System. The most special feature of Uranus is that its poles are exceptionally almost horizontal and opaque and the gas rings orbit this piece vertically. Did you know that all 27 months of Uranus are named after people appearing in the works of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope?

Well, that much from that! The yarn is a Fingering-strong merino nylon blend. There are 425 meters, so it fits in any knitting work.

I also made the first knitting pattern for this yarn, which you can find from today’s digital box.

I have coiled these skeins by hand from a larger coil. The leftovers are in this jar!


Guess how many scrunchies I could make with these tiny ball or yarns?

You can participate in the giveaway on Facebook Altair Design page OR by sending e-mail info@altairdesign.fi (in this case put the topic “giveaway” in the subject line)

There will be only one winner. The one who guesses closest / correct. If there are more than one guess, I will draw the winner. You can guess until the end of this day (2.12). Remember the Finnish time zone EET!

The winner will personally be contacted on the December 3rd in the evening (EET). The winner can choose one 100g skein as a prize and will also receive a little surprize

Kuunsilta – Moon Bridge – Crochet bag

A simple and gorgeous little bag is made of 3 x 20 g yarns from the calendar (or similar fingering weight 400m/100g yarns in different blue shades).

In addition to the calendar yarns you’ll need under 100 grams of yarn in the same weight, i.e in off white shade and two metallic rings in diameter about 2 centimeters. 

Kuunsilta -bag instructions will be published in parts on 2nd, 11th and 18th of December. 

You can also buy pattern separately in Arteeni web store or Ravelry around the first publication day. The pattern skill level is intermediate.


Our digital calendar has patterns that are open to everyone, free of charge, and you can use the mini skeins of the Yarn advent calendar as well as the treasures of your own yarn stash.

IN ADDITION, if you have purchased or received the physical Yarn advent calendar, you will find a CODE at the bottom of the box number one. Use the code to log in and open the “secret” section of our Yarn advent calendar. So, after opening the first box do also look at the bottom of the first box of your calendar and log in to see so much more!

Username: Christmas

Password: In physical calendar’s box number 1

If the code is missing from the box, please contact the seller or send e-mail for us info@yarnadventcalendar.com.

Do you already have your own Yarn advent calendar?  Log in here: