Box 21

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Misanja-yarn of the day

In today’s box you will find the color from Misanja. Maybe the color choice doesn’t seem very appropriate under Christmas like this, after all, it’s the winter solstice and the darkest day of the year! But it is that when this day is behind us, the days begin to lengthen and spring is getting closer all the time. And the closer the spring gets, the more suitable the color choice feels. 😉

Today, you can start knitting a beanie from Christmas yarn calendar yarns or from your own mini reels. 100 g or 5 x 20 g of fingering yarn is enough for the beanie. Merino wool, for example, should be preferred, as it does not usually itch even on sensitive skin.

The second part will be published on 23 December and if you have any questions about the patterns, send a message to :asiakaspalvelu@misanja.fi


21.12 is always a special day for me, Sanna of Misanja, but maybe not because it is the Winter Solstice, but mainly because today is my birthday! 🙂

Now as an adult, 21.12 has been a traditional cleaning day, but today something special is promised: we received a gift card for Christmas buffet from our children. I get to enjoy it together with my husband! Come and watch on social media, if I remember to grab a picture from there while enjoying the treats! 😉




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