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Thank you, for the journey!

Our Yarn Advent Calendar team wants to thank you for this amazing journey towards Christmas. This project gave us so much joy, new friends and our communication skills improved well!

Our journey started when the birches had bright green leaves and when children enjoyed splashing in thousands of Finnish lakes. We started to plan how to conduct this project until the Christmas eve. We would dye the yarns, make new patterns and designs. Try new yarns and remake and redesign. We wrote about our companies and about us, we planned the webpages both to Finnish and international audience.

Kool aid -varjays

We had butterflies in our stomachs when the first yarn and box was revealed. Through autumn and December, we shared our stories with you and pictures of us, yarns, environment, nature, cakes, and little details. We opened our hearts and shared some of our secret recipes.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey towards Christmas. We had so much fun and we you learnt something new! It is time for us to say Merry Christmas and start to enjoy the time of peace and joy with our loved ones. See you next year and we will keep in touch through social media!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yarn of the day

An undyed mini skein and two different colors of Kool Aid juice drink powder were found in the today’s box. You get to test the dyeing and maybe get as excited as I did. 🙂
In addition to the dyeing instruction above, at the bottom of the page is a video of Mikael conjuring up beautiful skeins, or what do you think?

If you would like to try dyeing even more, you can find undyed yarns and Kool aid toners in the Misanja’s online store.

Kool aid- dyeing

We had a nice dyeing session with Mikael, hopefully you enjoy even though we are quite amateurs in filming! Sorry for the loud noises and all of the adjustments. You can find written instructions on Kool aid -dyeing at the link at the top of the page. Merry and peaceful Christmas!

Apologies, but the video is only in Finnish, the pdf-guide above is also in English!


If you have purchased or received the physical Yarn advent calendar, you will find a CODE (password) at the bottom of the box number one. Use the code to log in and open the “secret” section of our Yarn advent calendar. So, after opening the first box do also look at the bottom of the first box of your calendar and log in to see so much more!

Username: Christmas

Password: In physical calendar’s box number 1 

If the code is missing from the box, please contact the seller or send e-mail for us

Today’s “secret box”
is the last part of the Tailed star socks designed by Merja Ojanperä. They can even reach under the christmas tree if you are fast. 🙂

Companies involved in the Christmas yarn project :