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Eija’s Weaving Boutique offers hand dyed KUDON special yarns and RugDesing custom-made rugs.

Do you also like soft wool and linen? Will also your eyes rest amidst the beautiful colours of nature? Eija founded the Weaving Boutique in 1999 and has hand dyed various yarns and material for rag rugs.

KUDON yarns are high-quality, hand-dyed yarns. In the collection you will find the silk-merino, Bambu-merino, Silk-milk-aloe, and Merino yarn for socks. These yarns include no environmentally harmful man-made fibres.

RugDesign rugs are ecological and handmade in Finland. The rugs are stylish and suitable for Scandinavian decor. A lot of raw materials are recycled materials and rugs last long. Rugs are made to order, for individual use.

Eija Weaving Boutique’s shop is in Tampere, the address is Federleynkatu 19.In addition to the www.eijakudontaputiikki.fi online store, products can also be found From the Kehräsaari Craft Shop in Tampere.

Yarn of the day

Yarn: KUDON Merino “Sukkis”

Color: Himmeli

Materials: Merino tencel (merino 80%, tencel 20%, 100 g = 350 m)

This yarn is very soft, breathable, and does not itch even sensitive skin. Tencel makes the yarn stronger, so this yarn is also suitable as a sock yarn. This yarn is great for example knitwear and sleeping socks.

There are no man-made fibres in this yarn. Both merino wool and tencel are natural materials. Tencel is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus. Produced from the pulp of eucalyptus.

Eijan Kudontaputiikki


Today you can order 5 miniskeins from Eijas online store www.eijankudontaputiikki.fi with EUR 14.

With one skein you can make two cup warmers, so with this set you are able to make up to 10 cup warmers. The pattern attached is only in Finnish.


In the video, there is colour soup made of dried mango peel. Eija dyes Kudo Bamboo merino wool yarn. She adds alum to the pot as alum is used in natural dyeing as a mordant.

Eija usually dyes small batches in the pot. She utilizes various dyeing methods such as hot and cold dyeing. She also uses Finnish textile dyes. During the summer season, she uses a variety of naturally occurring plants for dyeing.

Her plan is to organize a yarn dyeing course in the summer of 2021 in Tampere!


Our digital calendar has patterns that are open to everyone, free of charge, and you can use the mini skeins of the Yarn advent calendar as well as the treasures of your own yarn stash.

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Username: Christmas

Password: In physical calendar’s box number 1

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