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Jaanan lankapaja (JAANA’S YARN SHOP)

Now you have opened the 4th door of your Yarn advent calendar! Great!

The yarn is made entirely of Finnish wool and is strengthened with nylon. Among knitters this kind of yarn is called a sock yarn.

The sheep farm in Alahärmä, Finland, belongs to my childhood friend. I pick the wools myself, sort the wool and bring it to the spinning mills. This yarn is truly made in Finnish Ostrobothnia!

The colour for the yarn comes from the sheep so it is not treated except by washing and using a little spinning oil. The yarn turns a little lighter with every wash.

The wool from Finnish sheep is rather short so there will be a few tiny knots. Knots are just a sign of minimizing the surplus.

My gift to you today:


It is a good idea to wash the finished product before use, as the wool fibre will open and soften further. Wool likes vinegar baths, so you should always add a little vinegar to each rinse water.

 Living wool fibre takes care of itself, so outdoor ventilation is the best way to clean wool. Wool should only be washed if it really gets dirty or starts to stink.

And even though nylon has been added to the yarn, Finnish sheep’s wool felts in heavy rubbing, so it is worth doing the washing with a wool washing program or hand washing. Max temperature 40 degrees Celsius.

Jaanan Lankapaja, Lakian lairalta


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