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Ullrike by Anki was founded in 2016 and was born from a need to create and a craving for colour. The North can be a gloomy place during winter when the sun hardly ever shows up – the greyness of November can make it hard to remember how vibrant colours can bring energy into everyday life. In the beginning my passion for colours could mostly be seen in felted accessories but nowadays hand dyed yarn has mesmerized this artisan and creating colourways has become my happy place. Sometimes music is the inspiration, sometimes stories and other times the beautiful Finnish nature is the trigger for a new colour. Welcome to my world of colours!

Ullrike luukku 5

at christmas

Christmas means to me time for relaxing and contemplation. All December I wait for Christmas morning to come – then I will have a cup of coffee in the sofa corner enjoying the calmness and joy of the Christmas spirit. And knitting on my special Christmas project, this year it will probably be a cardigan. I always cast on a special project for the Holidays, this is my personal Christmas tradition.


If you are planning to do the same and need to update your stash you will get a 10% discount on your entire purchase using the code ULLRIKE0520 at checkout in my webshop https://ullrikebyanki.com/.  The offer is valid until 15.12.2020.


Wishing you a lovely Christmas time,


Aamunkajo by Sari Åström Arteeni


If you have purchased or received the physical Yarn advent calendar, you will find a CODE (password) at the bottom of the box number one. Use the code to log in and open the “secret” section of our Yarn advent calendar. So, after opening the first box do also look at the bottom of the first box of your calendar and log in to see so much more!

Username: Christmas

Password: In physical calendar’s box number 1 

If the code is missing from the box, please contact the seller or send e-mail for us info@yarnadventcalendar.com

Today’s “secret box” reveals the first part of a beautiful, romantic bag. 

Aamunkajo is adorned by delicate round shapes and lace. Those who has bought the yarn advent calendar, will get this pattern. If you didn’t buy, you’ll find the pattern also in Arteeni web store or Ravelry. Patterns will be published in three parts before the Christmas!

Ullrike by anki