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My name is Sanna and my company name is Knokkon. Some people call me the nettle lady!  Knokkon offers ethically produced super ecological nettle-hemp-cotton and nettle-cotton products from yarns to fabrics and to finished textiles products for the need of companies and consumers. 


When Sanna from Misanja came up with the idea of the Yarn advent calendar I was right in! I absolutely wanted Knokkon yarns to the calendar. One main reason to join this project was that I start to prepare for Christmas already in September! For example, I start planning presents and what all to serve at Christmas dinner.  For sure I will crochet these cotton pads from Knokkon nettle-hemp-cotton yarn. Here is the pattern for you too!

Yarn of the day

Knokkon challenges regularly produced cotton with an ecological yarn that contains ecologically and ethically produced hemp fibre and European nettle fibre. There is organic cotton used as a binder in the yarns. The Stinging nettle is the most breathable natural fibre and in comfort it beats even the comfort of fibre hemp! It works well in knitting, crocheting, weaving into fabrics. Knokkon materials feel great to wear! 

Christmas sale starts now in Knokkon! With code NOKKOSALE20 you get all products -20% discount until. 15.12. 

Knokkon, luukku 7
Knokkon ecoyarn


Welcome to read more about The European Stinging nettle (urtica dioica) and hemp on Knokkon’s website www.knokkon.com

Knokkon is in Instagram and in Facebook and I also write Knokkons blog.

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The Stinging nettle is the most breathable natural fibre

In the video, I will tell you more about the yarn revealed in the Yarn advent calendar today and the interesting history of the special materials. You will hear something from banknotes to underwear! I also illustrate quite concretely the breathability of The Stinging nettle fibre compared to other natural fibres. Also, you can see what 100% The Stinging nettle fibre looks like in the video. Worth putting the video on!


Knokkon’s beautiful nettle yarn inspired me (Sari Åström / Arteeni) to create this bonus pattern to the Yarn Advent Calendar. It’s unbelievable that you need only 10 grams of yarn to this nice little shawl.

This pattern is available only for those who bought the calendar, but I just set -20% discount for Lieko Shawl in Arteeni web store and Ravelry. Happy stitching!

PS. you can also watch Arteeni’s blocking video and get inspired of it. Unfortunately it is spoken only in Finnish, but this is a great opportunity to listen the language of the happiest people in the world :). And I bet you’ll get the idea just by watching!

Would you like to knit the above scarf from ecological nettle yarn?

Now you can get this lovely yarn+pattern package -20% with the code NOKKOSALE20 from the following online stores:



Code valid until 15.12.